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  • Are you interested in developing a new product or process?

  • Are you developing a new strategy for your company? 

  • Does your company’s strategy consider Innovation and R&D?

  • Do you need to readjust or align your strategic goals to your customer?

We can help you answer above questions through this free tailored 1-2-1 support package. Road mapping provides a framework for a company to tackle some fundamental strategic questions. We focus on costs, resources and capabilities to:

  • ensure maximum benefits of technology/product insertion & establish the basis of a business case 

  • show that planned R&D activities are relevant to business needs

  • ensure that the required technologies/products are available at the right maturity at the right time

  • understand the costs and resources associated with technology/product development

  • achieve an acceptable cost profile over time consistent with priorities

  • demonstrate to existing or potential customers alignment of strategic technology goals

Our experienced technology manager will spend a total of 12 hours with you; mapping out where you are at the moment and guide you through the process of technology road mapping. At the end of this support, you will have all tools necessary to continue to produce any amount of roadmaps required to achieve your new goals.


To find out more please get in touch directly with our industry expert Stan Payne or sign up for Aerospace UP support

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