As part of the Aerospace UP programme, the University of Nottingham and the Midlands Aerospace Alliance organised a week-long series of virtual meetings, each focusing on one of five aspects of how the Coronavirus crisis is affecting aerospace supply chains, how companies are responding, and how innovation can play an important role in helping companies better manage what are some very significant challenges.  Aerospace UP is supported by ERDF (the European Regional Development Fund).

Monday People: ensuring safe and productive workplaces: safe workplaces, people, employment and hiring.

Tuesday Finance: ‘re-launch’ support for supply chain companies: cashflow and supply chain, capital, borrowing, public funding opportunities.

Wednesday Supply chain: developing a resilient supply network: planning your own resilience, strategic resilience.

Thursday New Business: opportunity creation: MRO markets & Boeing opportunity, diversification into rail, digital marketing.

Friday Innovation & technology: turning ideas into revenue: SME innovation, Ideas for Aerospace UP R&D projects, new technologies.

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