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  • What is digital or smart manufacturing?

  • Do you understand where the aerospace industry is heading and how you benchmark alongside others in the manufacturing sector?

  • What does digital transformation mean to my traditional business?

  • How and where do I start?

Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing or Factory of the Future are just a few terms being used to describe the transformation of the manufacturing industry towards Digital Manufacturing. We understand through our work with SMEs, that even if companies are interested in adapting digital manufacturing technologies, they often lack the human and financial resources to investigate the potential and risks for introducing digital technologies in their traditional businesses.

This is why we have developed a digitisation support package, which will help you to kick-start your digitisation journey. Our experienced technology manager will visit your company and produce an on-site independent Digital Baseline Review, which will identify company specific opportunity areas for digital improvement. This Digital Baseline Review will help you to understand where you benchmark alongside others in the manufacturing sector and give you recommendations for improvement and next steps.


Our Technology Managers will also help you to understand, if your digital transformation could be funded through our innovation grant to help you realise new products and services.

To find out more please get in touch directly with our digitisation expert Hana Robertson or sign up for Aerospace UP support

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