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  • Should Additive Manufacturing figure in your future business plans?

  • Would you like to know more about the use of Additive Manufacturing in tooling?

  • What are your options for entering into Additive Manufacturing?

If you are wondering how Additive Manufacturing could figure in your future business plan, Aerospace UP can help you create a study to evaluate the potential of Additive Manufacturing for your business. We can offer you a grant towards the costs of procuring an in-depths study to help you answer questions around Additive Manufacturing:

  • Could Additive Manufacturing potentially be advantageous for my company’s existing products?

  • If I could re-design existing products would this make Additive Manufacturing a more attractive proposition

  • Could adopting Additive Manufacturing provide me with new product streams for existing customers?

  • Can Additive Manufacturing compete cost-effectively with my current manufacturing processes?

  • What are my options for entering into Additive Manufacturing?

  • What types of Additive Manufacturing would be most relevant to me and what are the typical costs involved?

  • Are any of the processes I currently have relevant to the manufacture and finishing of Additive Manufactured parts?


To find out more please get in touch directly with our additive expert Peter Knight or sign up for Aerospace UP Support

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